University to unify lifelong learning provision on campus

Posted by pt91 at Jul 04, 2013 02:03 PM |
Adult education provision to transfer from Vaughan College, St Nicholas Circle, to heart of the University

As announced last month, the University will transfer all adult education & lifelong learning provision from the current Vaughan College site in the city centre to its main campus from September.

This will mean Vaughan College education will move to the heart of the University community and the building housing its current activities in the city centre will cease to be a University teaching centre.

More details can now be revealed following discussions with staff, tutors and other interested groups. The plan is to unify adult education provision with other lifelong learning provision at the University.

The relocation is important as the current building housing the teaching is no longer fit for purpose and we feel that the best way of dealing with this matter is to integrate the work at Vaughan into the main University site. The facilities will be improved, students will have access to the main University Library, to the Students’ Union, to state-of-the-art catering facilities and to all elements of the student experience that current students enjoy.

Professor Mark Thompson, Senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor, said: “It is absolutely essential that those students following part-time degrees, certificate and non-certificate courses are given the same opportunities as our other students.  They will be located in particular buildings on our campus and taught by those people who have worked at Vaughan across the years.  The University will retain the Vaughan name in its lifelong learning provision.”

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