New study is key to unlocking lung cancer secrets

Posted by uatemp13 at Jul 19, 2013 01:15 PM |
University of Leicester cancer experts to play key role in innovative study

The nine year study involves experts from the University and University Hospitals of Leicester who will play a key role in a world-first Cancer Research UK study that will unlock lung cancer’s secrets.

One of the largest ever studies of lung cancer patients globally, it will examine exactly how lung cancers mutate, adapt and become resistant to treatments.

The nine year, £14 million, UK wide study - called TRACERx (Tracking Cancer Evolution through Therapy) and launched today by Cancer Research UK - will receive one of the single biggest funding commitments to lung cancer. The project will see researchers recruiting 850 lung cancer patients from the UK in order to complete the research that is going to be carried out.

The aim of the study is to improve survival rates of lung cancer- the most common cause of cancer death in the UK, which only nine per cent of patients survive beyond five years of having the disease.