Education expert discusses assessment as a social science

Posted by pt91 at Jan 22, 2013 01:48 PM |
Professor Glenn Fulcher, Professor for Education and Language Assessment at the university’s School of Education will be giving his inaugural lecture on the 22nd January

The lecture “When the man was weighed, as in a Balance!” Assessment as social science will discuss assessment as a social science and explore the use of assessments throughout history.

As well as analysing the use of assessment in employment, Professor Flucher will also investigate whether assessment as a social machine is dependent on conditions or occurrences, or in some way fundamental to the concept of “fairness”, which is not bound by contexts.

Along with engaging in consultancy for examination boards, Professor Fulcher also runs the most visited assessment website on language testing, and his books are among the most widely used for teaching language assessment.

The Lecture will take place on Tuesday 22 January at 5.30pm in the Ken Edwards Building, Lecture Theatre 1, University of Leicester. All inaugural lectures are open to the public and are free. Anyone wishing to attend a lecture, whether student, staff or public, should contact

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