Date set for Search for Richard III press conference

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The results of the University’s scientific analysis of the Grey Friars skeleton will be announced on Monday 4 February
Date set for Search for Richard III press conference

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The University will be revealing the results of the scientific and archaeological investigations in its Search for Richard III on Monday, February 4.

Our archaeologists captured the world’s attention in September after they uncovered human remains at the place where Richard III was believed to have been buried after his death at the Battle of Bosworth.

The skeleton showed evidence of what was believed to be scoliosis and battle trauma – strong signs that it could be the remains of the medieval monarch.

Our researchers then carried out months of rigorous scientific analysis, which you can read a step-by-step account of, to determine whether the skeleton belonged to Richard III.

The results of these investigations will be announced at a press conference on Monday, February 4 at 10am.