The Anthropocene: a new chapter in Earth history

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In a change to the scheduled event, Dr Jan Zalasiewicz will present the 54th Annual Bennett Lecture tonight

Dr Jan Zalasiewicz, Senior Lecturer in Palaeobiology, has kindly stepped in to present the Department of Geology’s 54th Annual Bennet Lecture tonight, entitled ‘The Anthropocene:  a new chapter in Earth history’ as unforeseen circumstances prevent the originally scheduled lecture taking place.

Dr Zalasiewicz will discuss the sharply debated idea, proposed by Paul Crutzen,  that we are now living in the Anthropocene Epoch – an interval of geological time dominated by human influence, a phase usually considered to have begun with the Industrial Revolution.

The lecture will take place at 6.00pm in Bennett Lecture Theatre 1.

For more information and free tickets contact - Gail Andrews 0116 252 3921 and

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