Social Science of 100 Objects to Be Launched In February 2013

Posted by hct16 at Feb 14, 2013 03:30 PM |
New University of Leicester project examines the familiar from a new perspective

Inspired by a popular BBC Radio 4 series, an innovative project that provides a social science perspective to everyday objects will be launched by the University of Leicester on 18th February 2013.

The project will showcase a broad range of research across all eight of the University’s College of Social Science Departments and will be hosted on public platform, Leicester Exchanges.

Academics from the College of Social Science will submit four articles on Leicester Exchanges in February, followed by one article per week thereafter.

The articles will discuss the academic’s specialist research and offer unique perspectives on objects in and out of the home. Each piece will be approximately five-hundred words in length and could change the way everyday objects are perceived.

The project will launch with four articles on the 18th February; the rocking horse by Dr Jane Pilcher from the Department of Sociology, the cotton bobbin by Dr John Goodwin from the Centre for Labour Market Studies, the television by Professor Yvonne Jewkes from the Department of Criminology and the mobile phone by Dr Paul Reilly from the Department of Media and Communications.