Richard III media exposure debated on Leicester Exchanges

Posted by de57 at Feb 18, 2013 11:35 AM |
Archaeologist contributes to the University of Leicester’s policy debate site with a piece on Richard III discovery

In the latest article for the Leicester Exchanges, Professor Lin Foxhall comments on the University of Leicester’s decision to confirm the identity of the Grey Friars skeleton as King Richard III in a press conference held earlier this month.

The article, a version of which appeared in the Times Higher Education, discusses the challenges faced by research in the spotlight and explains how the wide public interest did not compromise the integrity or rigour of the University’s research.

Professor Foxhall, who is Head of the University’s School of Archaeology and Ancient History and Professor of Greek Archaeology and History, also discusses the implications that this research might have for history and our interpretations of the written depictions of Richard III.

You can find out more about this by reading the latest Leicester Exchanges.

Professor Lin Foxhall also contributed an opinion piece for the Times Higher Education last week.

This recent Leicester Exchanges post about the Richard III discovery follows a piece by Professor Sarah Tarlow, who talks about the ethical issues that surround the excavation of human remains for archaeological research.