'World’s happiest nation' appoints University student as Ambassador

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Student Robbie Kirley accepted as Youth Goodwill Ambassador in Denmark
'World’s happiest nation' appoints University student as Ambassador

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Robbie Kirley, who is currently studying Management Studies and Economics at the University, has been accepted as a Youth Goodwill Ambassador during an ERASMUS year in Denmark.

The job involves advocating student exchange, intercultural knowledge and career opportunities.

Denmark is often recognized as the happiest nation in the world. This is reflected by the high educational level among its citizens, a unique welfare system and a global green leader with a high GDP. Well-known companies in Denmark include shipping giant Maersk and toy manufacturer LEGO (pictured, right: Legoland Billund, Denmark).

Copenhagen Capacity, Wonderful Copenhagen and the Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation have joined forces to establish the Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps, which now engages close to 350 current and former international students at higher educational institutions.

Robbie said: "The Ambassadors’ task is to promote Denmark to peers in the UK with the overall objective of sharing my personal story about international student mobility to foster intercultural exchange and global career opportunities.

“Denmark is a small country that has much to offer. From my student experience in Copenhagen, my expectations have been surpassed. I knew that it has a strong reputation for being cool, cosmopolitan and dynamic. But the unique Danish culture can only be appreciated first-hand. It has fused positive values, such as innovation, sustainability and equality into everyday life. The world can learn from this beautiful country.”

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