University to maintain commitment to National Scholarship Programme

Posted by pt91 at Dec 09, 2013 04:30 PM |
Students in 2014 to receive same amount of scholarship funding as in previous years

The University of Leicester has confirmed that it will continue to offer funding through the National Scholarship Programme to the same number of students as in previous years - and there will be no reduction in the scholarship amount.

In November 2013, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills confirmed a reduction in funding to universities from the National Scholarship Programme (NSP) for students starting an undergraduate course in September 2014.

Leicester is committed to attracting the brightest and best students regardless of background, and has therefore decided not to pass on any of these reductions to students. Instead, we will ensure that students receive the same amount of scholarship funding as in previous years.

The value of the NSP award at the University is an award of £1,000 cash per year, plus a £2,000 contribution to first year tuition fees. For a standard 3 year degree programme, the award has a value of £5,000.

The NSP is a government scheme which gives financial help to students studying undergraduate courses in England.

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