Higher education courses transform lives

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Researchers discover significance of Access courses in boosting self-confidence
Higher education courses transform lives

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Researchers at the University have found that Access courses that give adults a second chance are succeeding in transforming lives, boosting self-confidence and enabling people to fulfil themselves at work.

The research examined how Access to Higher Education courses changed people’s attitudes towards themselves, their families, friends and the world at large. It also looked at how the courses developed the skills and knowledge the learners needed to enter university.

According to the research, the main motive for embarking on an Access course was to gain more satisfying and fulfilling employment, not necessarily to gain higher pay. Most learners wanted to better themselves to improve their lives.

A Dissemination Event for the Phase Two of the Research Project on Wednesday 4 December will further discuss the importance and value of Access courses and the significance of the study at a time when there is much policy debate in the UK both nationally and locally about educational access and widening participation.

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