Have researchers found a new treatment for sepsis?

Posted by ap507 at Dec 03, 2013 10:35 AM |
New receptor may be instrumental in body's response to devastating disease
Have researchers found a new treatment for sepsis?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Sepsis, or septicaemia, is a devastating disease that has until recently been under-recognised. Despite advances in understanding, there is still no effective treatment for it beyond supportive therapy.

Professor David Lambert and Dr Jonathan Thompson of the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences have published two collaborative research papers indicating that a newly discovered receptor in the body, called the 'nociceptin receptor', could be the key to unlocking a new treatment for sepsis in the future.

Their theory, which they explore in both research papers, is that nociceptin makes inflammation or sepsis worse; by blocking the nociceptin system, the symptoms of sepsis could be reduced, which could lead to new treatments. 

Further research could help to develop the necessary drugs to combat sepsis.