Get a taste of 21st century alchemy

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University to host Modern Alchemist touring lecture on 14 March
Get a taste of 21st century alchemy

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The University has brought the Modern Alchemist touring lecture series to the city. Schools, students and the general public will be able to see the chemistry-based spectacle, organised by the Department of Chemistry, at De Montfort Hall on 14 March.

The live show echoes the explosive stunts and sense of spectacle created by historical alchemists for their royal masters. Alchemical pursuits included the search for the fabled Philosopher's Stone, the development of an elixir of life, and the discovery of a chemical formula to turn base substances into gold.

There will be a 2:00pm showing for local schools and a 7:30pm performance open to the general public. 

Tickets for the public show are £5, with concessions at £3. Tickets are available from the De Montfort Hall website or by calling 0116 233 3111.

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