Cutting-edge research at new Centre for Medicine

Posted by ap507 at Dec 13, 2013 11:15 AM |
University to become the ‘hub’ for research into the prevention, detection and treatment of major chronic diseases
Cutting-edge research at new Centre for Medicine

Artist's impression of the Atrium entrance space in the new Centre for Medicine. Credit: Associated Architects

The University's new £42m Centre for Medicine, to be completed by autumn 2015, will become the ‘hub’ for leading medical academics at the University, bringing together cutting-edge medical research and education for the first time under one roof. 

Over one third of the new Centre will be dedicated to applied research. This will help to dramatically improve undergraduate medical teaching and patient treatment and care as pioneering new forms of scientific investigation into leading epidemic health issues are explored.

The new Centre will house the departments of Medical Education, Health Sciences, Psychology and Social Work. The state-of-the-art facilities will provide lecture theatres, formal and informal teaching and seminar rooms, laboratory research facilities, academic accommodation and support space of the highest quality for more than 2,350 staff and students. 

The University is planning the launch of a public fundraising appeal later in 2014 and £1.5m has already been pledged to the campaign by individuals, Trusts and Foundations.