Cheesy does it

Posted by pt91 at Sep 25, 2012 03:07 PM |
LUST’s Freshers’ Week video tops list of cheesiest welcome videos

Leicester is famous for its cheese – and our Student's Union has long honoured the city’s reputation with Wednesday club night Red Leicester.

As a result, we were very proud to see Leicester University Student Televison's welcome video for new students has made it onto the Huffington Post UK’s list of cheesiest Freshers' Week videos.

The video features a montage of some of the most exciting things to do around campus, intercut with dozens of friendly faces from our Students’ Union bidding viewers a warm and welcoming “Hello”.  

Here at Leicester, we like to wear our hearts on our sleeve. So while the Huffington Post may giggle at our “seriously dubious dancing with a lot of very questionable music” – we think the video says everything you need to know about our amiable and approachable student body.

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