Take a walk around our geological landscape

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University of Leicester Researcher co-writes informative geological book suitable for the professional geologist, or the curious hiker.
Take a walk around our geological landscape

Dr McGrath (left) at the book launch.

Dr Annette McGrath, IODP Research Associate in the Department of Geology at the University of Leicester has co-authored the book, Exploring the landscape of the National Forest, that has been recently published by the British Geological Survey (BGS).

The book explains how the landscapes and natural resources of The National Forest have been affected by human development from early archaeological times through to the industrial revolution and the present day.

The book uses a hands-on approach, giving the reader the opportunity to embark upon ten local walks and use a geological map to personally discover and explore the region for its geology, landscape, biodiversity, archaeology and industrial and cultural heritage. There is much evidence of Britain’s geological history that has included volcanoes, mountains, major earthquakes, rainforests, rivers, lakes, seas, deserts and glaciers.

The map and booklet provides something for everyone both amateur and professional, allowing the reader to learn about the geology of Britain in a practical way. For example, the book would provide keen walkers with an informative and interesting walking experience where they could engage and learn about what they see around them as they walk.

Keith Ambrose, Principal Geologist at the British Geological Survey, was the project leader for the book, which was funded by the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund through the Minerals Industry Research Organisation (MIRO) and the British Geological Survey.

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