Professional Soccer player reflects on University studies

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Fulbright scholar speaks about his time at University of Leicester
Professional Soccer player reflects on University studies

Zak Boggs

Earlier this year, we welcomed two Fulbright Scholars from the United States to the University of Leicester as part of one of the most prestigious academic programmes in the world.

Award winner Zak Boggs has spoken about his time so far at the University of Leicester in a podcast for the Press Office.

Fellow Fulbright Scholar Professor Gayle Kaufman is currently the Associate Professor and Chair of Sociology at Davidson College, North Carolina. As well as conducting her research on British fathers' experiences of paternity leave, she will teach a third year course on 'Gender, Work and Family' in the Department of Sociology during her stay in Leicester.

Zak Boggs studies potential cancer treatments under the supervision of Professor Ian Eperon of the Department of Biochemistry. Boggs is also a professional soccer player for the New England Revolution team in the USA’s Major League Soccer tournament. He also won the MLS humanitarian of the year award for his volunteer work in the cancer lab at Boston Children's Hospital.

Boggs tells of the transition he has faced moving from America to Leicester to study. He speaks of his unique story – including how he came to study Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology, what he thinks of Leicester as well as his footballing career.


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Fulbright Scholarship: Zak Boggs by University of Leicester