Meteorite expert brings Mars down to earth

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Latest findings from Martian meteorites to be explored at University of Leicester public lecture on 22 November
Meteorite expert brings Mars down to earth

Professor Monica Grady (CBE)

Insights into the environment of the planet Mars, gleaned from fallen meteorites, will be showcased at a public lecture by a leading scientist in the field of astrobiology.

The University of Leicester will host Professor Monica Grady CBE, Head of the Department of Physical Sciences and Professor of Planetary and Space Sciences at the Open University (OU) in Milton Keynes, for a Centre for Interdisciplinary Science Research Lecture.

Her lecture, ‘Tissint: The Latest Arrival from Mars’, takes place on 22 November and is free and open to the public.

The Tissint meteorite fell in Morocco in July 2011. It is only the fifth witnessed fall of a Martian meteorite and has not been subject to much terrestrial contamination.

Tissint, named for the town at which it was found, is a type of Martian volcanic rock known as Shergottite. By studying the minerals in this meteorite, and the gasses trapped inside them, information can be deduced about the environment of Mars in which Tissint was formed.

The lecture will take place at 5pm in Room E of the Physics and Astronomy Building, University of Leicester, 22 November and is free and open to the public.