Archbishop Tutu public lecture podcast and video

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu's lecture appears on University of Leicester podcast channel
Archbishop Tutu public lecture podcast and video

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The former Archbishop of Cape Town and Honorary Graduate of the University of Leicester, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, returned to the University of Leicester on 14 November to give the Provost Derek Hole Annual Lecture 2012.

The South African social rights activist delivered his talk to two packed lecture theatres at the University on wednesday.

Archbishop Tutu gave an inspirational and moving lecture where he talked about topics such as climate change and the youth of today.

During his lecture he said:

Today we are free. We have opened the prison doors. I speak on behalf of millions when I say thank you.

The Vice-Chancellor Professor Robert Burgess introduced Archbishop Tutu as well as Chairing the question and answer session after the lecture.

Download and listen to the lecture below:

Archbishop Desmond Tutu - Public Faith in a Secular Age by University of Leicester


Watch the lecture below: