The Week In University News: 3 – 9 March

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In a week packed with news stories, we saw students battle at Bosworth and host a dating game show for charity; academics spoke on surnames and social media; and we welcomed our new glassblower to the campus.
The Week In University News: 3 – 9 March

Gayle Nicholson, who has joined as University Glassblower.


Dr Jane Pilcher presented the results of a pilot study that has uncovered emerging trends among female surname choices at a Department of Sociology seminar on 7 March. In it, she considered how unmarried parents decide what surname to give their child, whether women change their surname when they get married nowadays and how step-families decide about which surnames to use.

Dr Paul Reilly of our Department of Media and Communication spoke at the Global MSC Security seminar on CCTV Budget Cuts and the Riots on 6 March. The expert on politics and new media has also recently contributed to the latest Leicester Exchanges online debate on social media.

The Biochemical Society announced this week that DNA fingerprinting pioneer Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys, Department of Genetics, is to be honoured with the AstraZeneca Award.

Dr Max Moorkamp of the Department of Geology will be heading to the House of Commons on 12 March where he has been invited to demonstrate his literally ground-breaking techniques at the SET for Britain exhibition. His work has led to the development of ever-more-precise pictures of the underground realm, making it possible to peer deep into the Earth, through miles of solid rock, to see the kind of underground resources our civilization needs – oil, minerals, water.


‘I Love My Academic’, the University’s award-winning campaign to highlight outstanding teaching, is to return next week and students will once again get the chance to vote for their favourite academic.

The Students’ Union is hosting its own version of a hit ITV show on 9 March with Leicester Uni Does Take Me Out, following the same format as the popular television dating show. The tongue-in-cheek event will help student Jess Bass raise £2,500 for Childreach International.

First-year students who have been studying Richard III as part of their English degree took to the site of the Battle of Bosworth on 7 March to perform the final duel between Richard and Henry VII, with the help of East Midlands-based theatre companies 1623 and Lostboys.

And finally…

Did you realise that the University employed its very own glassblower? We have just appointed Gayle Nicholson who joins the Department of Chemistry with 14 years experience in the industry. Not only will she be producing lots of the regular glassware used in teaching, but will also be making bespoke apparatus to support research groups around the University.