The Week In University News: 10 - 16 March

Posted by pt91 at Mar 19, 2012 10:40 AM |
This week’s news wasn’t just sidecar racing and botox - here are some other notable stories reported this week.

Dr Sarah Gabbott of our Department of Geology was part of a team that claims to have unlocked the mystery of how fossils of the Burgess Shale are so remarkably well-preserved. Using geochemical analysis involving the sulfur isotypes from pyrite (fool's gold), they found a striking global pattern that will help them understand what circumstances led to fossils being so exceptionally well-preserved there.

We announced an official visit by Professor Atta-ur-Rahman, Emeritus Professor of the University of Karachi, who met with the Vice-Chancellor and other prominent members of the University and the City and County. Professor Karachi is a Fellow of the Royal Society who became the first scientist from the Muslim world to win the prestigious UNESCO Science Prize in its 35 year history.

The Wellcome Trust announced the first recipients of its Investigator Awards in Medical Humanities and Professor Mary Dixon-Woods form our Department of Health Sciences has received a Senior Investigator award valued in the region of £0.9 million. The award will fund work by the SAPPHIRE (Social science APPlied to Healthcare Improve Research) group, which Professor Dixon-Woods leads, into the ethics of patient safety and quality in healthcare.

The University is one of 13 institutions to win a share of a £750,000 award from BIS, the Government Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. The awards recognise projects that are helping to turn the UK's 'intellectual property' into economic prosperity and our share will support student enterprise through the Careers Service as well as commercialising academic projects.    

And Leicester City Council gave its approval to the University’s planned £30 million medical teaching facility. The new building will house new, state-of-the-art facilities to attract the best medical students and provide access to all of the resources needed by today’s training doctors.