Soap opera: the magic of 3D geometry

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Students’ Union plays host to amazing display of mathematical bubbles.
Soap opera: the magic of 3D geometry

Professor Rodríguez with Frank Neumann, Senior Lecturer in Pure Mathematics

Students lounging around in the comfy environs of The Square, the airy atrium at the heart of our Students’ Union, were surprised on Monday to find themselves taking part in an impromptu workshop on 3D geometry, courtesy of some Spanish soap bubbles.

José Luis Rodríguez Blancas, Professor of Geometry and Topology at the University of Almeria in Spain, was in town to demonstrate some of the amazing geometric shapes which can be created using soap bubbles and some basic mathematical laws. Working under the pseudonym Mago Moebius, Professor Rodríguez specialises in demonstrating the wonder of 3D shapes to students and the public.

portraitcubex.jpg portraitspiral.jpg portraitgiantbubble.jpg

Organised as part of our National Science and Engineering Week outreach programme, the soap bubble workshop was originally planned as an event for local schoolchildren but when a last-minute glitch surfaced, it was switched to the Students’ Union, providing an unexpected treat for students from any and every department, not just Mathematics.

dodecahedron.jpg handthroughhole.jpg
spikeyshape.jpg studentwithcube.jpg

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