Museum spaces: new book on ‘narratives, architecture and exhibitions’

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Come along to Monday’s launch event and pick up a copy at a special price.

Museum Making: Narratives, Architectures, Exhibitions has been edited by Suzanne MacLeod, Senior Lecturer in our School of Museum Studies, together with two colleagues at the University of Nottingham.

Published by Routledge in both hardback and paperback, the book contains a series of chapters by museum and heritage professionals, exhibition designers, architects, artists and academics working in museum studies, theatre studies, architecture, design and history. These expert contributors discuss the design, purpose and form of modern museums and how that affects the visitor experience. Or, as the publisher puts it:

Over recent decades, many museums, galleries and historic sites around the world have enjoyed an unprecedented level of large-scale investment in their capital infrastructure, in building refurbishments and new gallery displays. This period has also seen the creation of countless new purpose-built museums and galleries, suggesting a fundamental re-evaluation of the processes of designing and shaping of museums.
Museum Making: Narratives, Architectures, Exhibitions examines this re-making by exploring the inherently spatial character of narrative in the museum and its potential to connect on the deepest levels with human perception and imagination. Through this uniting theme, the chapters explore the power of narratives as structured experiences unfolding in space and time as well as the use of theatre, film and other technologies of storytelling by contemporary museum makers to generate meaningful and, it is argued here, highly effective and affective museum spaces.

The School of Museum Studies and our University Bookshop will hold a book launch on Monday 26 March 2012 at 5.00pm in the Museum Studies Building (just off main campus at 19 University Road). At this event the book will be available at a special launch price, knocking five pounds off the cover price. For the paperback that’s a 15% reduction to just £27.99. (The hardback will be £85 instead of the normal £90.) There will be wine and nibbles too.

For more information, contact the bookshop on 0116 229 7440 or

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