Bullet-proof vests and iPads: criminology in a conflict zone

Posted by pt91 at Mar 15, 2012 03:45 PM |
Our Department of Criminology is now offering distance learning courses via mobile app in post-war countries.
Bullet-proof vests and iPads: criminology in a conflict zone

Adrian Beck displays the completed app

You may think that safely learning about international security, the rule of law and human rights in a country which has recently been a war-zone would be a challenging feat. But with the recent efforts of the Head of our Department of Criminology, Adrian Beck, and his team of academics, the University is now able to offer a distance learning MSc in Security, Conflict and International Development to international development workers who are based in post-conflict countries, or those who are interested in this field of work.

The wonders of modern technology mea that the course, which focuses on the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to work in post-conflict countries, is delivered online and via an app downloaded onto an iPad provided by the University. Students can study topics on the move even when they don't have access to the internet, and the delivery is therefore as flexible as possible to meet their needs.

The course is particularly well-timed as the multitude of social, political and cultural uprisings in the Middle East means that experts working in countries going through such transitions will be highly sought after. It also means that the University will be able to take a lead in supporting those who already work in these difficult areas and want to help countries emerge from conflicts successfully.

The first students signed up last week to the new course which is something of an experiment. If it’s successful, then the template could well be used for other courses to aid distance learning across the University, and drastically change the way students use devices such as the iPad in their studies.