Vaughan College celebrates 150 years of adult education

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Institute of Lifelong Learning marks anniversary with celebration event and major conference.
Vaughan College celebrates 150 years of adult education

Vaughan College, during its period based at Holy Bones, Leicester.

It was 1862 when the first class of students sat down in the Working Men’s Institute in Leicester’s Union Street, which would eventually become Vaughan College and a significant step in bringing educational opportunities to Leicester’s working classes.

Founder David James Vaughan’s five years amid the turbulent streets of Whitechapel left an indelible mark on his character when he returned to Leicester in 1860 to take up the position of vicar of St Martin’s. The College which he eventually gave his name to taught basic literacy and arithmetic for those who had little formal schooling, literature, history, geography and philosophy offered at rates affordable at even the lowest wage.

Now part of the University’s Institute of Lifelong Learning, the College is celebrating its 150th anniversary with a special event next week leading to the annual Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research in the Education of Adults (SCUTREA) conference 2012 entitled ‘Adult Education and Well-Being’ over 3-5th July at John Foster Hall, out at the University Student Village in Oadby.

The pre-Conference event over 2-3 July links the 150th Anniversary of formal adult education in Leicester at Vaughan College to the conference theme. It will look at what Vaughan College has stood for and will focus on how ‘the Vaughan tradition’ now fits into current thinking, policy and practice.

This year, the Institute of Lifelong Learning also introduces a revised programme which includes accredited short courses in humanities and arts and in management studies. These are ideal for people who wish to ease themselves into study before committing to a longer, more intensive course. Also new for this year is the Certificate in Humanities and Arts from which people can progress to the BA Humanities and Arts.

You can find out more about Vaughan College’s history and the ‘Vaughan tradition’ on the Institute of Lifelong Learning website.