Shakespeare Marathon cast and crew prepare for epic trawl through the Bard

Posted by mjs76 at Jun 08, 2012 04:00 PM |
139 and a bit plays, plus assorted poems and sonnets: all Shakespeare, all the time.

Preparations are well underway for the University of Leicester Bardathon, which happens throughout the week commencing 18 June, during which our drama society LUTheatre will perform the entire works of William Shakespeare.

About 70 students are currently in the cast, along with a few staff and assorted relatives, who between then will portray more than 1,100 characters over the course of four and a half days. Fifteen brave students have volunteered to appear in every play. Parts range from the title role in Hamlet, with 1,422 lines, to the challenging role of ‘First Pirate’ who shouts “Hold, villain!” in Act IV Scene I of Pericles.

Unless specifically requested by someone, these smaller roles are likely to be handed out on an ad hoc basis to whoever in the company is around at the time so workshops are taking place this week and next to develop the students’ mettle and iambic pentameter. Volunteers from students, staff and associates are still welcome to sign up to take part in the production. Sponsorship of actors, in aid of our Cardiovascular Research Centre Appeal, is another way to get involved.

The Shakespeare Marathon will take place on the Podium in front of the Library, starting at 7.00am on Monday and continuing day and night, rain or shine, until about half past four on Friday. See the full schedule.

So if you’re in the vicinity of the campus at literally any time during that week, do drop by and enjoy a bit of Bard. Even if it’s the middle of the night. In fact, especially if it’s the middle of the night because that’s when the actors will really, really appreciate support and encouragement.