Professor of Art History takes home the bronze

Posted by mjs76 at Jun 26, 2012 11:04 AM |
Leicester academic curates major exhibition at Royal Academy.

Today’s newspapers preview the Royal Academy’s big autumn exhibition, which opens in September and has been curated by Professor David Ekserdjian from our Department of the History of Art and Film (with the RA’s Cecilia Treves).

Bronze will bring together 150 artworks from across the world, covering the past 5,000 years. "In terms of intellectual thrill the prospect is entrancing," Professor Ekserdjian told the Guardian. "There is nobody in the world who has seen all of these things in the show."

Among the highlights will be:

  • The amazing Trundholm Sun Chariot (c.1800-1600BC) on loan from the National Museum of Denmark
  • The Chimera of Arezzo, an Etruscan statue from about 400BC
  • A bust of Thracian King Seuthes III, discovered eight years ago in Bulgaria
  • Bronzes by Picasso, Rodin and Jasper Johns
  • Bronze artwork from Asia and Africa

As well as the artworks, part of the exhibition will look at the complex processes involved in making bronze, enabling visitors to explore how models are made, cast and finished

'Bronze' will run from 15 September to 9 December. A lavishly illustrated book, also called Bronze, written by Professor Ekserdjian and Francesca Brewer will be published on 3 September to accompany the exhibition.