PC becomes VP: Union bestows award on local bobby

Posted by mjs76 at Jun 20, 2012 01:50 PM |
Congratulations to PC Harvey 'campuscops' Watson.

PC Harvey Watson, the University’s own ‘campus cop’, has been awarded the title of Honorary Vice-President of the Students’ Union - the highest commendation that the SU can bestow. The award recognises his huge contribution to University life and our student experience.

Harvey, whose Victoria Park beat covers the University campus, was given an Honorary Degree by the University last year and back in 2009 he was named Beat Bobby of the Year by Leicestershire Police. He is particularly renowned for his use of social media to connect with students: he has 1,500 followers on Twitter and 1,700 friends on Facebook.

The surprise presentation of this new honour was made at our Union Awards event on Monday. Harvey subsequenty tweeted “Thank you to all at the University students union for my fantastic award. So proud of working with you guys and girls.”


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