Leicester diabetes experts recommend ongoing clinical support

Posted by pt91 at Jun 28, 2012 05:10 PM |
One-time advice not enough for those diagnosed, according to Leicester researchers.

Research by two University of Leicester professors has shown that the one-off advice session for those diagnosed with diabetes is simply not enough to change their lifestyles.

Professors Kamlesh Khunti and Professor Melanie Davies from our Departments of Health Sciences and Cardiovascular Sciences, and the Leicester City Hospitals, carried out a study into the need for advice for those suffering from Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

At present, patients are given advice when they are first diagnosed from their GPs. The new research, published at bmj.com, shows that at three years on from being first diagnosed, the patients show no sustained difference in biomedical or lifestyle outcomes, despite some improvement in their beliefs about the illness.

The study concluded that patients require further information about their condition with continual education at regular intervals, rather than a one-time programme when first diagnosed. This would aid their self-management, which in turn would help to improve their physical wellbeing. Evaluations of new programmes, such as the DESMOND intervention scheme at diagnosis, have shown that they would be cost-effective.

The study was funded by Diabetes UK, a leading UK charity that cares for, connects with and campaigns on behalf of all people affected by and at risk of diabetes.

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