Leicester academic contributes to spaceflight podcast

Posted by pt91 at Jun 18, 2012 04:39 PM |
Leading medical journal invites Professor Ronney Panerai to interview on heart and brain function before and after spaceflight

A recent podcast from the AJP: Heart & Circulatory Physiology journal asked Professor Ronney Panerai, a Professor of Physiological Measurement at our university, to give his thoughts on recent explorations into the effect of long-term space flight on cerebrovascular function.

Professor Panerai of our Department of Cardiovascular Sciences joined Consulting Editor John Longhurst's interview with Dr Richard Hughson, of the University of Waterloo, who carried out the experiments.

After hearing Dr Hughson discuss the details of his work with pre-and-post flight astronauts, Professor Panerai drew on his particular expertise in the field to provide constructive criticism. At 4'28", he talks about the main limitations of the study, noting the reduced number of subjects and highlighting the influence of technology and order procedure on the experiments.

The AJP: Heart & Circulatory Physiology podcast is complementary to the AJP: Heart & Circulatory Physiology journal. You can listen online or download the podcast.