Impromptu verse from University honorary graduate calls to London

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Dr Benjamin Zephaniah spontaneously breaks into poetic performance in BBC interview on London Calling
Impromptu verse from University honorary graduate calls to London

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An interview, on the topic of the BBC's new season of programming named London Calling, turned into the stage for Dr Benjamin Zephaniah when the cameras were left rolling.

The poet has been named by The Times in 2008 as one of the 50 greatest modern British authors. In popular culture, he's recognised as a proponent of 'Dub Poetry', increasing its popularity with performances around the world.

Dr Zephaniah is an honorary graduate of the University, describing the University as "an inclusive institution, and its ethos is cool" when he received his Doctor of Letters in 2004.

Dr Zephaniah has conducted humanitarian work with children in South Africa and as a consequence was asked to host the Two Nations Concert in London by his friend Nelson Mandela, whom he met after recording a tribute to the leader.

His voluntary ode to London painted a humanistic image of the metropolis, illustrating the diversity of languages, culture and religion over the ages in a series of profound and heartfelt verses. It's just one example of his poetic genius, influenced by his interest in oral storytelling and his multicultural background.

The recital can be seen exclusively on the London Calling website.

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