Birds are beside themselves at Botanic Garden exhibition

Posted by pt91 at Jul 18, 2012 11:50 AM |
Crows attack their own reflections in mirrored sculpture

Organisers of our annual Sculpture in the Garden exhibition were taken aback after discovering a group of crows furiously defacing a large mirror sculpture.

The sculpture by artist Simon Hitchens, entitled “In the eye of the beholder”, features a limestone monolith placed in front of a 7ft-tall polishes stainless steel screen.

Within days of being installed at the University’s Harold Martin Botanic Garden, scratches from claws and beaks, bird spit and marks from wing flapping were visible on the mirrored screen.

Despite the birds’ ferocious attack on the piece, each of the other 19 sculptors’ work remained unscathed –leading organisers to suspect the crows had become enraged by their own reflections.

After hearing about the damage, the artist had considered removing the piece from the exhibition, entitled “Interesting Times”, but then decided it should stay for the duration of the show:

Normally my pieces sit in a serene and contemplative state - all well and good, but in this instance I like the sense of not knowing how this interaction will alter the understanding of the work.  It now has a bit of 'edge'.
Simon Hitchens

'Interesting Times' runs from Sunday 1st July to Sunday 28th October 2012 at the Harold Martin Botanic Garden in Oadby. The visitor entrance is on Glebe Road, LE2 2LD. The garden is open seven days a week, 10.00am to 4.00pm. Entry is free, except on special event days.

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