Leicester neurologist explores art on Channel 4

Posted by mjs76 at Jan 26, 2012 12:34 PM |
Bioengineering research helps to explain ‘What makes a masterpiece?’

Professor Rodrigo Quian Quiroga was on television last weekend in episode 3 of What Makes a Masterpiece?, a series in which Channel 4 News Culture Editor Matthew Caine explores the science behind artistic appreciation and enjoyment.

Following episodes on films and music, Saturday’s programme looked at visual art. Rodrigo, Head of the Bioengineering Research Group in our Department of Engineering, demonstrated how minor changes to a classical work by Vasquez and an abstract by Mondrian could completely change the way that a viewer’s eyes scanned the painting.

The programme is available to view on 4OD. Rodrigo’s section runs from 23.47 to 27.03 (with a couple of unavoidable adverts in the middle).

The Art of Visual Perception, an exhibition based on Rodrigo’s collaboration with fellow Argentinean artist Marino Molina, is currently on show at Embrace Arts but only until tomorrow (Friday 27 January).