Budding Quidditch players get new society off the ground

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University of Leicester students set up a Muggle Quidditch club - and have already challenged Keele University to a match
Budding Quidditch players get new society off the ground

The Leicester Lovegoods get down to some practice

It's usually played in the fictional universe of JK Rowling's Harry Potter novels, but the magical game of Quidditch is being brought down to earth by students here at Leicester. Muggle Quidditch - a non-magical version of the game - was developed by students in America and is making its way across the pond, complete with toy broomsticks and an official International Quidditch Association rulebook.

Student Jack Hill set up the University of Leicester Muggle Quidditch club after hearing about the sport being played at other UK universities. The new team, tentatively called the Leicester Lovegoods, will compete against Keele University's Alvada Keele Davra team in March.

Muggle Quidditch players run around a grass pitch rather than flying, and try to score points by throwing a non-magical volley ball through hoops set on poles. The earth-bound version of the magical game also replaces the flying golden snitch with a real person, who is chased down by other players to try and earn extra points and bring the game to a close.

Jack has high hopes for the fledgling Quidditch club, hoping to one day compete in the Quidditch World Cup in the United States. In the meantime, the Leicester Lovegoods are quickly becoming minor celebrities: Jack Hill has already been interviewed by BBC Radio Leicester, and the Leicester Mercury ran a full-page feature on the new team in today's paper.

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