You, in 130 volumes: entire human genome in printed form

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Leicester geneticists working with New Walk Museum for latest exhibition
You, in 130 volumes: entire human genome in printed form

Staff from the University and New Walk Museum at the installation of the exhibit.

University of Leicester scientists have printed the whole of the human genome –all our DNA that we have to show just how much information it takes to make up one human body. The 130 book volumes don’t contain a single full sentence and would take up to 95 years to read.

GENIE’s Human Genome print-out was originally produced for the University of Leicester’s exhibit Breathless Genes: the lung and the short of it as part of this year’s prestigious Royal Society  Summer Science Exhibition.

The printed volumes are now on display at “Inside DNA: A Genomic Revolution”, funded by the Wellcome Trust and working in partnership with GENIE, based within the Department of Genetics at the University of Leicester. The six month exhibition is based at the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery offers the public the chance to challenge their own perceptions of current genome research and have a say in the future policy of science that will affect our lives.

Visitors have direct access to the research and opinions of leading UK scientists, who are involved in the rapidly advancing field of genomic science in the areas of health, identity and evolution. The Department of Genetics will also be contributing to the exciting events programme over the next six months in conjunction with the exhibition itself.

A lunchtime talk organised by GENIE, “The Human Genome: the History Book within us” will take place on Tuesday 18 December 2012 from 1-2pm at the New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, presented by Professor Mark Jobling.

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