Search for King Richard III: Statement from the University of Leicester, 15 December 2012

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A statement from the University of Leicester in response to the story about Richard III published in the Daily Telegraph on 15 December 2012.

The University of Leicester, which is leading the search for King Richard III is currently gathering evidence that would confirm or deny its hypothesis that the remains for the last Plantagenet King have been found. 

The University of Leicester has been clear from the outset that there was strong circumstantial evidence to indicate that the remains found in the lost church of the Grey Friars are Richard III – but that these would be subject to rigorous scientific investigation. 

The University of Leicester did not withhold any ‘additional evidence’ at its press conference in September and the Daily Telegraph was unable to tell us what that evidence was either. 

Over the past four months our team has undertaken a thorough programme of scientific tests, the scale of which have been revealed in this press release.

These tests have to be rigorous and thorough and we are currently awaiting the results of the tests that we have already outlined. We are yet to find strong evidence to challenge our original hypothesis but emphasise that key tests (not just DNA tests) are incomplete. 

The results will be presented to the world’s media early in the New Year. 

Channel 4 have been filming the University’s work for a forthcoming documentary. The University does not have an agreement with Channel 4 or its production company and will not benefit financially from the documentary. This is because it is important for us to maintain complete academic independence in our judgement. 

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