Report reveals mental health lags behind global health and lifespan improvements

Posted by pt91 at Dec 17, 2012 05:05 PM |
Autism expert at the University of Leicester contributes to a major new study of global health


Professor Terry Brugha (pictured) from our Department of Health Sciences, is co-author of two papers in The Lancet’s special issue on the Global Burden of Disease. His work highlights the pressing issue that global health and lifespan is improving but mental health is not.

Because of his work on Autism Epidemiology, which was used to develop one new element of these global data syntheses, Professor Brugha was a co-author at the University of Leicester on two of the reports.

In a recent study, Professor Brugha found not a single person identified with autism or asperger’s syndrome during a community survey in England actually knew they had the condition.

The findings came from the first ever general population survey of autism in adulthood and were published fully in the world’s leading peer refereed mental health scientific journal the Archives of General Psychiatry.