Conference brings together European experts to explore education

Posted by pt91 at Apr 25, 2012 04:36 PM |
A major conference dedicated to an innovative new approach to science and maths teaching pioneered at Leicester takes place this week.

The University is participating in the Europe-wide Fibonacci Project – in fact, it is the only centre for the project to be chosen in England.

The Fibonacci project brings together the teaching of mathematics and science through inquiry-based approaches that pupils in primary and secondary schools will find relevant, interesting and engaging while at the same time demonstrating that the two subjects are naturally linked.

Our School of Education is hosting the Fibonacci Project European Conference ‘Inquiry Based Science & Mathematics Education: Bridging the gap between education research and practice’ for two days from tomorrow, in cooperation with the Fibonacci European coordination team (La main à la pâte).

Sessions will present the innovative work being undertaken through the Fibonacci Project in over 30 organisations in more than 20 European countries as well as have presentations on other projects focused on research and/or developing high quality inquiry-based practice.

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