Chronobiologists spend quality time together at Leicester meeting

Posted by mjs76 at Apr 30, 2012 10:46 AM |
The first rule of Clock Club is: you don’t talk about Clock Club.
Chronobiologists spend quality time together at Leicester meeting

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On hearing that the UK Clock Club is having its annual meeting at the University of Leicester today, you could be forgiven for assuming that some of our engineers are debating matters horological. But it’s actually being hosted by our Department of Genetics.

Clock Club is an annual meeting for chronobiologists studying the ways that living organisms regulate and measure time. The best known of these is the 24-hour ‘circadian clock’ which allows animals and plants to judge the cycle of night and day even without the trigger of sunlight (for example shoals of krill rise to the surface of the sea at night when there are fewer things around to eat them).

Professor Bambos Kyriacou, Dr Ezio Rosato and Dr Eran Tauber are hosting the 2012 meeting of Clock Club, which last visited Leicester in 2008. PhD students John Hares and Akanksha Bafna will present papers along with Dr Mirko Pegoraro, Dr Nelson Chong (from our Department of Cardiovascular Sciences) and speakers from universities across the UK. The conference will conclude this evening with a lecture by Professor Jim Horne, Director of Loughborough University’s Sleep Research Centre.

The meeting has been sponsored by BMG Labtech Ltd, Active Motif and GT Vision Ltd with financial assistance from Andrew Millar and SynthSys (University of Edinburgh).