What don't you know about cancer?

Posted by pt91 at Sep 29, 2011 04:51 PM |
A new study by University of Leicester researchers suggests that many current lifestyle messages about cancer are not getting through to the public.
What don't you know about cancer?

The importance of exercise is still under-appreciated. Credit: Wikipedia

Experts at the University of Leicester and the University Hospitals of Leicester carried out the research to assess patients’ beliefs about the causes of cancer, which was funded by the Leicestershire-based charity Hope Against Cancer.

On the positive side the vast majority of people now believe cancer is curable. There was, however, widespread over-emphasis on environmental pollution, stress and injury as triggers for cancer, and a lack of awareness about the roles diet, obesity and lack of exercise play in the development of the disease.

Views of the impact of religious beliefs, alternative medicine and surgery were also assessed. Professor Paul Symonds and PhD student Karen Lord of the Department for Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine explain that the way patients understand cancer can have a major impact on how they cope with it psychologically and stress the importance of continual education into the causes of cancer.