Prestigious award for children's cancer information booklet

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A patient information resource produced by a University of Leicester-based organisation has been praised by the BMA.

The Children’s Cancer and Leukemia Group is a network of professionals involved with one of the most sensitive and emotive areas of medicine, where effective, accurate, careful communication to patients and their families is vital.

Among the CCLG’s recent publications is a booklet called Managing Symptoms at Home: Palliative Care Information for Families (PDF), a sensitively handled explanation of what symptoms can be expected in a child whose cancer has passed the point of effective treatment. The booklet discusses in clear, simple language how family members can alleviate or ameliorate the child’s suffering right up to the end.

This is obviously an extremely difficult message to communicate so it is greatly to the CCLG’s credit that at this year’s BMA Patient Information Awards, Managing Symptoms at Home was named runner-up (from more than 200 entries) in the Patient Information Resource of the Year category.

A beautifully presented booklet, well set out with good use of colour tabs for each section. The contents cover clearly a wide range of symptoms that parents may expect to see in their child and how to deal with them with clear, practical advice. This is an excellent resource for parents of children requiring palliative care.
Judges’ summary, Medical Book and Patient Information Awards

The booklet began life as a set of A4 information sheets produced for palliative care workers at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge. Picked up by the CCLG Publications Committee, the project went through many stages of content and design and was eventually published as a 62-page booklet with the assistance of funding from the Adam Rogers Trust.

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Professor Sue Ablett, Executive Director of the CCLG (l) and Mrs Alison Dowsett, Chair of the CCLG Publications Committee (r), accept the award from Dr Suzy Lishman of the Royal College of Pathologists.

The CCLG was formed in 2006 from the merger of two child cancer organisations which had both been in existence since the 1970s; the University of Leicester has hosted the administration of the Group and its predecessors since 1988. A registered charity, CCLG has a membership of more than 700 medical and scientific professionals based at 21 Paediatric Oncology Centres around the UK, including one in the Leicester Royal Infirmary. Cancer Research UK provides the Group’s principal funding.

CCLG activities include the co-ordination of clinical trials, studies of post-treatment recovery and the provision of information for families and patients, including a quarterly magazine, Contact.

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