New blood test spots missed medication

Posted by pt91 at Sep 22, 2011 05:05 PM |
The University of Leicester has been assisting our neighbours, De Montfort University, in developing a simple test that only requires a 5mm spot of your blood.
New blood test spots missed medication

Credit: Wikipedia, photographed by David Richfield

Academics at De Montfort University have developed the test and are now working with Professor Kamlesh Khunti and Professor Melanie Davies from the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and our own Departments of Health Sciences and Cardiovascular Sciences to trial this simple, non-invasive test to monitor patients’ adherence to three types of drugs used to treat cardiovascular problems: beta blockers and ACE inhibitors, which are used for high blood pressure, and statins, which lower cholesterol levels.

Is missing your medication a problem? Evidence suggests that as many as 40% of patients ignore or do not adhere to their medication which can result in high rates of complications, hospital re-admissions or even death. An estimate puts the cost of 40% of unused prescriptions at a possible £800 million.