Leicester criminologist speaks at pan-European symposium

Posted by pt91 at Sep 30, 2011 10:15 AM |
Dr Neil Chakraborti was recently invited to speak at a symposium on the Philosophy of Hate Crime held in Gothenburg.

The Senior Lecturer in our Department of Criminology presented a paper entitled 'Targeting Vulnerability: A Fresh Set of Challenges for Hate Crime Scholarship and Policy', highlighting the problems evident within existing hate crime frameworks which can result in scholars, law enforcers and practitioners overlooking particular strands of vulnerability and experiences of targeted harassment.

He also explored the relevance of hate crime scholarship and policy in the context of the recessional climate and cuts to public spending, calling for a re-evaluation of the way in which hate crime has come to be stringently associated with specific forms of victimisation based upon one-dimensional interpretations of identity.

The event on the 26-28 September was held as part of a broader project – entitled ‘When Law and Hate Collide’ – which is designed to provide the European Parliament with a working definition of hate crime and accompanying policy guidance to ensure legislative consistency across all member states of the European Union.

It brought together a collective of international hate crime experts from the disciplines of criminology, law, psychology and philosophy, and was part of a series funded by the Daphne III Programme of the European Union and led by the University of Gothenburg, the Goethe Institute Frankfurt, and the University of Central Lancashire