Collections and the public trust - new book on museum disposals

Posted by pt91 at Sep 27, 2011 02:20 PM |
A forthcoming book by a University of Leicester graduate takes a look at the issues of responsible museum collections management.

As budgets tighten and more and more artefacts are gathered in our museums, collecting in perpetuity is becoming less practical. The disposals debate concerns the long term future of collections held in the public trust, given the stark economic realities museums and heritage sites face and the need for sustainable solutions.

It’s timely then that Peter Davies has published his book Museums and the Disposal Debate, bringing together experts from leading museums and heritage organisations with their thoughts on managing collections responsibly.

Peter Davies is the Cultural Policy Advisor for Canterbury City Council, and you’ll find him very active on Twitter. He also studied with our School of Museum Studies by distance learning, receiving a PGdip in 2009.

Programme Director for Art Museum and Gallery Studies Dr Janet Marstine has also contributed a quote for cover jacket:

Informed by diverse international perspectives on policy and practice, the essays offer frank analysis on a topic too long mired in media hype. Contributors scrutinize the complexities and contradictions of disposal to support museums in making ethically informed, transparent and participatory decisions about the long term sustainability of collections. The scholarship is certain to lead to more informed and productive conversations on responsible collections management. 
Dr Janet Marstine

Museums and the Disposal Debate is published by MuseumsEtc in October, priced at £49.95 or £89.95 in hardback.

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