Comprehensives: pro or con? Leicester Exchanges live debate online

Posted by mjs76 at Sep 26, 2011 04:24 PM |
Audio and video of last week’s event is now available.

If you missed last week’s Leicester Exchanges live debate on the topic 'Comprehensive School Education – Policy Mistake, Lost Ideal or Model for the Future?' you can now watch or listen to the event online.

There is an edited audio recording of the debate which runs about 73 minutes and this is also available to download as an MP3. The multi-camera video recording runs about an hour and there are four separate, short ‘talking head’ video clips of our distinguished experts.

Or you can read journalist Liz Lightfoot’s report on the event, to which are attached all the above. One of our panellist, Dr Philip Cook, has also posted his own Reflections on an exciting and enlightening debate.

Wtahc out for news of our next Leicester Exchanges event, coming soon.