Brahms, Beethoven and Mozart at Fraser Noble Hall on 8 October

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Knighton Chamber Orchestra kick off their 2011/12 season with a triple bill of great music.
Brahms, Beethoven and Mozart at Fraser Noble Hall on 8 October

Tamsin Waley-Cohen and Paul Jenkins

A Beethoven overture, a Brahms concerto and a Mozart symphony are on the bill at Knighton Chamber Orchestra’s next concert, presented at Fraser Noble Hall on Saturday 8 October in association with Embrace Arts.

Beethoven wrote four different overtures for Fidelio, his only opera, and although many people consider the third one (known as Lenore Overture No.3) to be the best musically, it was so powerful that it overwhelmed the subsequent opening scene. So a fourth overture was premiered in 1814, at a performance which famously included among its audience an utterly enthralled teenager named Franz Schubert. It is this fourth overture which the KCO will perform.

Mozart’s Symphony No.25 in G Minor, K 183, was one of six symphonies which Wolfgang knocked out in 1773, allegedly completed just two days after the Symphony No.24. In fact the complete Kochel catalogue of Mozart’s works lists 31 compositions for 1773. The man was a machine!

Finally there is Brahms’ only violin concerto which dates from 1878 and was premiered on New Year’s Day 1879 in Leipzig with the composer conducting. This work is always a challenge for any soloist. Indeed, the legendary Polish violinist Henryk Wieniawski called it “unplayable” – but Tamsin Waley-Cohen will prove him wrong!

Waley-Cohen last performed with the KCO back in July and it’s a pleasure to welcome her back to the Fraser Noble Hall. The orchestra will be conducted as ever by Dr Paul Jenkins, Senior Lecturer in Organic Chemistry.

The concert takes place at Fraser Noble Hall on London Road on Saturday 8 October 2011; tickets are £8/£6, eyes down for a full house at 7.30pm. If you’re busy on Saturday night, the KCO and Waley-Cohen are performing the same programme the previous evening at Enderby Parish Church.

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