Leicester launches English language centre in Kurdistan - Iraq

Posted by pt91 at Oct 17, 2011 12:40 PM |
Yesterday saw the University of Leicester make a big leap in establishing capacity-building partnerships with universities in Kurdistan - Iraq.
Leicester launches English language centre in Kurdistan - Iraq

The University of Kurdistan-Hewler. Credit: Wikipedia

A new English language teaching centre has been established to contribute to the modernisation programme in the region of Kurdistan, Iraq, and to help keep pace with the rising demand for English language provision for students keen to study in the UK.

University Registrar Dave Hall and the Director of the University’s English Language Teaching Unit Roger Smith were present at the University of Kurdistan-Hewler for the opening of the new centre on Sunday.

This capacity-building project between the University of Leicester and the University of Kurdistan-Hewler (UKH), in northern Iraq, will provide new opportunities for students to take English language qualifications in their home country, and in the region.  

The UKH-University of Leicester International English Language Centre will be an important focus for strengthening English language speaking in the region, but is also part of a two-way relationship of academic collaboration that we hope will make a great contribution to democratic modernisation in Kurdistan.

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