From RAG to riches for fundraising students

Posted by pt91 at Oct 07, 2011 12:25 PM |
Students have raised almost £260,000 for charity – and this year they plan to raise even more.

The success of last year’s fundraising activities has inspired the RAG team to aim even higher for the 2011-2012 academic year. RAG is known for their imaginative efforts to encourage people to give to charity, and last year their high-jinks pulled in almost £260,000. Much of the money came from an ambitious sponsored climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, which raised a huge £110,000 for the charity Childreach International.

RAG will continue to put the fun back in 'fundraising' this year, starting with today's fancy dress Campus Raid and a similar Mega Raid of the city centre on 29 October. Also look out for the Oxjam Music Festival on 22 October, and the always-entertaining RAG Week from 7-12 November. RAG spokesperson Simi Braithwaite is positive that this year Leicester students can raise £350,000, thanks to a range of new and exciting activities being organised by RAG to get students involved.

Money raised by RAG last year benefited charities such as Help for Heroes, Children in Need and victims of the Japanese tsunami.