Diamond programme is glittering example of University training partnerships

Posted by fi17 at Oct 14, 2011 11:20 AM |
A groundbreaking study into the benefits of a training programme between De Beers and the University of Leicester has been showcased in a new book.
Diamond programme is glittering example of University training partnerships

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The project was one of the first supported by the University's Innovation Partnership program, and it paved the way for greater collaboration between universities and businesses. Back in 2008, our Department of Geology had been selected to deliver custom training programmes for De Beers' senior management, and the company wanted to investigate the value of such training to their business. Dr Paul Spear (Academic and Business Development Manager of the Unversities' The Leading Edge) teamed up with Kip Jeffrey from Geology to assess the return on investment (RoI) provided by the training course.

The findings of that initial study provided rock solid proof that partnerships with universities can deliver huge benefits to businesses. Other companies have since used the methodology of the original research to develop their own bespoke training programmes. Following from their early success, the Innovation Partnership program has gone on to help numerous other local businesses with a variety of different projects.

The De Beers study that kick-started it all is featured in a new book Making Employer and University Partnerships Work, produced by EBTA and Foundation Degree Forward FdF and published by Libri Publishing at £18.00 in paperback.