Children's University of Leicester: cap'n'gown kids rewarded for hard work

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If graduates seem to be getting younger every year, that’s because we recently hosted two graduation ceremonies for the Children’s University.

The Children’s University is a national organisation which provides 7 to 14 year olds with exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours. This can include academic work, arts and crafts, sport or sometimes just fun and games. The overall aim is to raise children’s confidence and self esteem by offering opportunities to try new experiences, meet new people and make friends in a safe and secure environment.

Leicester Children’s University opened in September 2008 and is open to pupils at Samworth Enterprise Academy and Soar Valley College as well as children from the wider communities of Saffron, Eyres Monsell, Aylestone and Knighton.

Nearly 200 Samworth pupils aged 8+ donned gowns and mortarboards for the ceremony on 21 September in front of proud parents, receiving their certificates from Professor Jeremy Levesley, Head of our Department of Mathematics. A further 55 Phase 1 pupils received their certificates the previous afternoon from the school Principal, Mrs Pat Dubas. On 22 September 54 students from Soar Valley College received their certificates on campus and a further 23 certificates were awarded to children from the local community who had attended out-of-hours activities at the Academy.

Students enrolled in the Children’s University receive a bronze certificate for completing 30 hours of work outside school in the previous academic year, a silver certificate for 65 hours and a gold certificate for 100 hours.

Lynne Upton, the CU's recently appointed Director of Learning, who lives in Leicestershire, congratulated the children and announced that next year the Children’s University will extend/broaden its remit to 15/16 year olds, encouraging and rewarding voluntary work.

The University of Leicester congratulates all the Children’s University graduates and looks forward to seeing some of them graduating in a full-size mortarboard in a few years’ time.

Pupils from Soar Valley College co-ordinated their cap-tossing...
...while the Samworth Enterprise Academy pupils went for a more free-form approach.

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