Virtual Genetics Education Centre wins real prize

Posted by mjs76 at Nov 08, 2011 01:44 PM |
Online resource collects prestigious award.

The Virtual Genetics Education Centre (VGEC) run by our GENIE Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning has picked up a prize in the 2011 Jorum Learning and Teaching Competition.

The competition, which is run in conjunction with the ALT-C Conference, is designed to recognise exciting and innovative teaching initiatives which have been developed as open educational resources (OERs) and made freely available under a Creative Commons licence. The judges commented that the VGEC was "comprehensive" and "full of rich content for learners of all ages". Dr Mark Goodwin, who leads the VGEC project, commented that the award was recognition of the team’s success in creating accessible and effective resources for a range of users.

The VGEC is a collection of evaluated genetics-related OERs developed by the GENIE CETL for teachers and students in schools and higher education, health professionals and the general public. The resources are free to re-use and re-purpose. The site was launched in December 2007 and receives tens of thousands of visitors every month from across the world. The VGEC team includes Dr Suzanne Lavelle, Dr Sarah Gretton and the Director of GENIE, Professor Annette Cashmore. Professor Cashmore agreed that the award was "fantastic recognition" of the VGEC, adding the site is "continuing to develop and grow" as more resources are added.

Jorum is a national initiative to collect and share OERs developed by universities and colleges across the UK.

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